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August 31, 2015

Authority Backlink Building

by oakhead112

Authority Backlink Building

authority link building - Authority Backlink Building WikiLink Jacker Pro

The secret Authority Backlink building trick used by one site to get 100k+ visotrs per month. 100% White Hat.

Backlinks are still necessary to rank websites but there are more specific criteria for a strong and influential backlink today. In fact, there is a fine line between high quality and low quality backlinks and if you build poor backlinks to your website, you will be at risk of penalty.

WikiLink Jacker is the first software ever created that gets your website on Wikipedia! Wikipedia is currently listed at #7 on Alexa’s Top 500 websites. These rankings are based on the Domain Authority of each website and search engines like Google will rank websites much higher if they are being linked from a high authority website like Wikipedia.

Wikilink Jacker allows website owners to create the best possible backlinks for their website. This backlink is going to be stronger than any of your existing backlinks and anything in your competitor’s link profile. So if you need to gain an advantage over the competition, this is your chance.

When you run this program, you start by entering the keyword for your niche and WikiLink Jacker will retrieve Wikipedia pages in your niche and report to you which pages have “Dead Links”. Any dead link can be filled with an article that you create on your own website and as long as you write a good article on the appropriate subject, your link will stick permanently.

Many SEOs have found that it is possible to rank a website with just a few high quality backlinks. By “high quality” we are always referring to backlinks that are not as powerful as Wikipedia, so just imagine the potential for ranking your websites with REAL contextual backlinks on Wikipedia!







Authority Backlink Building

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