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June 15, 2011

Auto Blogging

by oakhead112
auto blogging

auto blogging

Whether you sell a product or service on the Web, the secret to increasing your business is to have multiple sites or blogs. But, who has the time to set up and update these sites?  The simple answer is to look into Auto blogging. But, the important factor here is will Google “Let” you Auto Blog??

First things first, Google doesn’t have a say so in this. If you build a Blog, does it matter if it operates on Auto? Content is what matters right?

So if we build blogs that are Value Added and run on Autopilot are we still Auto Blogging? No, we are Blogging on Auto. In 2011, you have to Blog on Autopilot instead of Auto Blogging. Why? Because if you do want your sites to Rank in Google, then you have ot learn how to work with Google.

The Best ways to do this can be learned here:

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But let’s be realistic? There are a lot of people who tell you they know how to do this, but few who really can. Right?

So who do we listen to?

We listen to those who do, rather than those who say they do?

The answer to this riddle can be found in the only reliable source I have found:

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Take the Next Step and Learn the right way now.



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