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May 9, 2013

Business Listing Submitter – New Reputation Management Tool

by oakhead112

Business Listing Submitter

Addition on ChalkboardThe Business Listing Submitter is READY TO GO!

Awesome software you can use to submit prospecting clients to MULTIPLE citation/business listings sites and improve their presence and reputation online.

A 10 MINUTE JOB! Worth a couple hundred dollars and you can do it for FREE, over and over again, OR charge for it!

Perfect for upselling or use this by itself to sell ANYTHING later on. You can even charge for this service. Stupid simple to use, this software does ALL the heavy lifting for you. Just load up a businesses details and let it do the work. Clients will love you. 8 months of work on this software, it does a lot behind the scene, stuff you don’t see.

If you haven’t watched my video on it, go here and check it out. We are also giving you bonus software for finding bad review clients.

Business Listing submission site research coupled with writing and

and rewriting your business details add over and over again can be a very

time-consuming and boring task, especially if you are marketing

multiple business’s of affiliate products.

Once you have your business details added, naturally you

will want to submit it to as many Local Business Listing

sites as you can.

But there is the nagging problem. You don’t want to spend the entire

day notifying all the sites about your business and rewriting it

again and again..

So how do we get around this?

The one and only Business Listing Submitter, that’s how!

go here and check it out

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