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November 29, 2008


Former Internet Newbie Reveals…

by oakhead112


As you know, it's an absolute fact that
if you're working online, you NEED to be
an affiliate marketer.

Even if you have your own products…
Even if you're a big time guru…
And ESPECIALLY if you're new..
…or someone who still isn't making
five figures per month…
you NEED to be an affiliate marketer
for other people's products.

It just makes sense…
…you spend NO time in product creation,
…you spend NO time performing customer
…you never have to worry about creating
and fulfilling backends,
…you don't have to hire or outsource
anybody to do anything (there is a
REASON why outsourcing, just like
employee, is considered a four letter
word, folks! managing others is NOT fun)
…and most of all, you get to make BIG
commissions… in fact, usually the SAME
commissions as the product creator…

The problem with affiliate marketing?
That's easy… you're just one affiliate
of MANY, all promoting the same product.
You don't stand out.
You don't look any different.
And your sales show it.

But even so, it's still a fact that if
you're not affiliate marketing, you are
LOSING money faster than the stock market…
(Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration
these days, but still, you are missing
out on what could be a BIG chunk of your

So what's the best way to stand apart
from every other affiliate marketer…
…and in the process, make big, fat
affiliate commission checks?

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Have a nice day

PS: you can get in for $1 and it's a real steal.

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