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June 20, 2008


FREE – Social marketing guide e-book – Boost Your Real Estate Internet Traffic

by oakhead112

I have just read one of the best guides on social marketing ever.

It is called the Authority BlackBook by Jack Humphrey.

Jack is the go-to guy who consults gurus and experts the world over on link building and social marketing strategies. I have watched my traffic and rankings improve drastically by applying what Jack has in the Black Book.

What is strange to me is that Jack is just giving it away. Its jam-packed with resources and tactics to immediately start driving more website traffic and I know he could charge for it and make a bundle. But its really a no strings attached download you can grab right now and start benefiting from immediately.

I mean, like in the first 1/2 hour of reading and applying the first tactics! It was not rated the #1 ebook for bloggers by for nothing. 


You can find the banner download link for this free ebook & more at:

search engine optimization software

You should grab it tonight and devour it. And do not forget who sent you all this free traffic! 🙂


Judi Newberry

P.S. – The Authority Black Book is now in its second release. This is the newest 2.0 version released this spring. So if you got the Black Book from last year, you need to download the new version. It is even better with tons of new information!

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  1. Aug 22 2008

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