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May 3, 2012

Google Page Rank Update

by oakhead112

Google Page Rank Update

Google Page RankToday while I was checking a client’s website for Google Page Rank, I was surprised to see that this site jumped from a Google PR 1 to a PR 3 !

Google Page Rank is nothing but a ranking tool, invented and used by Google. Years ago, spam bloggers used blog comments to spam the web and get ranked higher. So, the Google index had became full of spam results. Google came up with Page Rank as a way of judging the quality of sites and the links pointing to them.

Now, Google rolls out a page rank update  about every quarter.  Some of the internal pages of  blogs are automatically updated with in few days of publication without any official update; that happens because of the quality and social popularity of the webpage.

Today (May 3rd 2012) Google rolled out an update of latest Page Rank to let the webmasters and site owners know how their efforts have worked out.

Did you check out your latest Page Rank ?

If yes, share it with us and let us know about your experience in getting that PR.

Did you get PR 0 or N/A?

No need to get panic, actually the Google algorithm is used to measure and rank the webpage depth of quality and age. So, if you want to get more than PR0 and N/A, stay tuned/subscribe here to learn about it from upcoming posts.

Now, share your Page Rank with us and keep us updated of the new tricks and tips you used to let us update on our upcoming blog posts.

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