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May 12, 2010


New Blog Posting Software

by oakhead112

I have very exciting news for you.

As many of our subscribers know, there is a proprietary software app for bloggers called Utility Poster.

This application gives you a way to keep your blog active with high-quality, search friendly content and to get you trackback links.

Those links help you get higher rankings for your blog posts by simply using Utility Poster to create posts.

The feedback and demand for the software has been crazy, and with successful software comes the inevitable questions like:

*It works on anything! (Adobe AIR application)
*It combines Utility Poster and our other two very popular programs:  Video Utility Poster and Trackboost

Now an all-in-one app, you can easily post relevant, keyword-rich, high-quality content in the form of snippets from other blogs, videos from YouTube, Twitter tweets, and Flickr images – all based on whatever keyword you search with.

Rather than “autoblogging,” Utility Poster gives you the power to quickly drill down to the best conversations going on around the web and efficiently hand-pick what you include in your posts.

The results:

1.You own an active, engaging, relevant, and search friendly blog as if you were writing 100% original content.
2.You build links back to your site through trackbacks.
3.You build content readers WANT to experience rather than bland, spammy SEO articles that only satisfy the search engines but build no loyal following among readers.

Utility Poster can even build excellent “linkbait” posts where the quality of the post is so good, other bloggers will willingly and happily link to you as if you wrote the whole thing from scratch.

And you can do in minutes what would normally take you hours to do for such quality posts!

Utility Poster is going to take your blog to new heights in the search engines while cutting your blogging time to a fraction of what you spend now.

Utility Poster Takes The Pain Out Of Blogging!

100% Secure And 30 Day Fully Guaranteed Order

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  3. This blog posting software sounds good …. will try!

  4. A good read —- Thanks

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