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July 13, 2015

New video marketing software

by oakhead112

Video marketing software

Video marketing softwareThere are a lot of software and training courses

that help you create powerful videos but there’s

barely anything out there that shows how to turn

those videos into profits in record time until now…


For the first time ever, an all-in-one video marketing

solution + automated video site builder that

allows you to take any video and make it profitable

in minutes… it’s called Video Studio!


Yes… you heard that right – ANY video, so even

if you don’t know how to create videos or you

have no interest in making videos, you can

LEGALLY use other people’s video to get traffic,

sales and grow your business.


Let me ask you a straight question…

Do you know how you can take an ordinary video

and make it really profitable in MINUTES?

Watch it done live here… 


In 5 minutes, you’ll see how you take ANY video

on the Web and turn it into a hot marketing content that will…


– attract fresh traffic

– engage your audience

– get responsive leads and sales fast


You see videos are the best and fastest way to

market online and with the surge of video creation

tools in the market such as Video Maker FX,

Camtasia Studio, Explaindio, Video Motion PRO…

making professional videos is now super easy,

even camera-shy real estate agents/marketers can now produce

powerful sales and explainer videos with ease now.


But recording, editing and publishing videos

doesn’t make you a video marketer…

Heck, uploading these videos to Youtube and

Vimeo doesn’t mean you’re going to get any

traffic or new clients/sales, and that’s why so many

fail with video marketing.

See live demo of Video Studio here! 


So, here’s the thing…


Recording videos and publishing them to Youtube is STEP 1

STEP 2 is where you convert the videos to profits with Video Studio

Here’s some of the things you can do with this app

– grow your email list with in-video cta technology

– get more sales to your products with in-video cta technology

– promote amazon/affiliate/cpa offers, webinars & eventsv – sell physical products and ecommerce

– go viral on social media

– position yourself as an authority & expert online

– build your social subscribers list (new hot feature)

– build a profitable & authority video site in minutes

– get fresh traffic and fresh content daily…

And so much more…


Also, it comes preloaded with state-of-the-art

“bounce rate reduction” technology that magnets

your audience and literally forces them to watch

your videos and take action.

And everything is 100% mobile responsive and automated!





Video marketing software

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