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August 12, 2013

New WordPress Plugin Protects Your Content

by oakhead112

New WordPress Plugin

We all realize that content is what fuels the web.

wordpress plugin

Which is why STOPPING the ever growing number of content
thieves, stealing your hard earned unique content and
then ranking ABOVE you… Has to END!

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Google has even admitted that many times there are sites
that steal content from the original authors site and
RANK HIGHER (frustrating to say the least…)

Does anyone else see that to be a BIG problem?

This is effecting your…

– Organic Search Rankings
– Overall Site Traffic/Visitors
– Brand and Business Growth
– Bottom Line!

On to the million dollar question:

How can we stop them, quickly & effectively?

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Plagiarism Avenger Plugin…

The WordPress Plugin that tracks your content online, and
lets you know if anyone is copying or stealing it! The
process behind tracking is nearly automatic. All you need
to do is setup the posts and pages that you want to be
tracked, and save!

Now there is a solution more robust than Copyscape, and
at a fraction of the cost…

What Plagiarism Avenger Can Do (Automated):

– Protect Your Content
– Set Up Uniqueness Monitoring Levels
– Monitor Content in Both Google & Bing
– White List Authority + Article Syndication Sites
– Automated Email Alerts
– Extensive Reporting and Archival
– Easily File DMCA Requests

Plagiarism Avenger is the pioneer in seamless content
monitoring – and best of all, affordable for ALL!

Watch it in action here…

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Aren’t you SICK of site owners taking your hard-earned
and costly unique content and benefiting from it?

It’s time to start saving your & your client’s sites, your
business sites and personal sites by STOPPING these
content thieves and reclaim your rankings, traffic and

Have a great week and thank you for spending your
time with us 🙂

New WordPress Plugin

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