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August 6, 2014

Seamless Secure – New WordPress Security Plugin

by oakhead112

Seamless Secure – New WordPress Security Plugin

WP security plugin

Seamless Secure – New WordPress Security Plugin

Seamless Secureis a very powerful WordPress plugin that will allow your subscribers to sleep better at night knowing their site is secure from very common hacker attacks.

Seamless Secure Benefits

  • easily removes commonly overlooked vulnerabilities by using their 5-step security system
  • allows you to easily backup your site at any time
  • allows you to easily schedule backups, so you know you’re always covered
  • allows you to easily restore your sites should anything ever go wrong
  • and even scans and removes commonly known malware code with just the click of ONE button

>> Watch Video here – Then Know More Information About Seamless Secure <<

Seamless Secure Value –

  • Malware Scanner & Removal tool ($197 value) There are literally thousands of known malware that can infiltrate into your blog?—?you’d be surprised how many you have when you check with our amazing scanner tool. It will detect and safely remove every single threat without damaging your site in any way.
  • 5-Layer Security ($97 value) We’re going to bullet-proof your site against possible attacks by making it virtually impossible for hackers to break in.
  • Complete backups ($97 value) So every single file is safe. The backup is automatically saved on your server and you can even download it to keep it offline. That means even if something bad happens to your website, you’ve got a backup ready to go.
  • Schedule backups ($47 value) We all know in theory we should be doing backups. But it’s time consuming and boring?—?so more often than not we’ll ignore it. Not anymore. By allowing you to schedule a backup as often as every day or even every hour, you’ll be ensured your website is safe in case of an attack.
  • Restore backup ($47 value) Let’s say your website does get hacked, even in spite of all the crazy good security our plugin provides. No problem. You have all those awesome backups, remember? So you can restore any one of them with just a click of a button giving you all your content and settings back in an instant. This feature works wonders also if you upload or update a plugin that messes with your WordPress we’ve all experienced that haven’t we? If that happens, just restore to a previous moment and you’re good to go.

Click Here See Seamless Secure in action

There are thousands of people promoting this product as it is a good one. There’s over 2000 users of the first version of Seamless Secure and its got all kinds of rave

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