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May 18, 2016

Effective Search Engine Ranking

by oakhead112

Search Engine Ranking

internet marketing - Search Engine Ranking

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The fact is that Google gives you all the data you need to rank your site. You just need to know how to tap into it, so it will pay off for you! Then, with some reverse-engineering of your competition, your sites can rank on the first page of Google – in record time!

Think about it… We already know what ranks on the first page of Google for any keyword you enter. You can find that out by just entering your desired keyword for a simple Google search!

Now, all we need to do is find out why Google likes those top-ranking sites so much… and then duplicate what they are doing. It’s that simple!

Just analyze what Google is already doing to rank sites, and then do what those sites are doing.

With some research, you can discover the keywords that are most worthwhile to rank for, as well as related keywords that your customers are searching.

Keep in mind that the Google search engine accounts for nearly 80 percent of all Web searches in the United States — and a remarkable 98 percent of searches from mobile devices.  No other search engine comes close.

The website search engine statistics shown below are about five years old, so I’m sure the numbers today are much greater. But, with that said, I believe that the percentage volume of searches shown here is still probably relevant.

The search values are per month :

1. Google Search – 6 billion   65.4%
2. Yahoo! Search – 1.5 billion      15.3%
3. Microsoft – 1 billion  10.7%
4. Rest      – 0.7 billion

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Search Engine Ranking

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