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Boost website conversions and sales


We’d all like to think our visitors sit at rapt attention the moment they land on our websites. You want to imagine them hanging on your every word… clicking on your links… joining your list… buying what you’re selling.    – – – Boost website conversions and sales

But hey, you’ve been in this game awhile. You know it doesn’t work that way.

Truth is, your visitor’s attention is being pulled in a dozen directions. The kids are pulling at their shirttails while they try to read. Dinner is bubbling over on the stove. They’re thinking about work. And your competitor is just a click away.

That’s why you need something that says to your visitors,

“Stop what you’re doing. Focus. And look at me!”

Look. At. Me.

I’m betting you’ve got a lot of “look at me!” tactics that you pull out of your marketing bag of tricks. You’ve got the awesome headlines. The coupons. The scarcity.

But do you use attention bars?

Conversion Gorilla Boost website conversions and sales

If not, you’re missing out. Big time. Because a well-placed conversion bar will quickly and easily boost your opt-in rates, engage your audience, get you more clicks, and generate sales.

Because here’s the thing… Read more