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New WordPress Blog Cloning Tool

If you use wordpress, you should check out this
new tool. It clones your ENTIRE blog in seconds,
so you can move it to anywhere you want… back
it up…

  • If you have a site that you’ve already set up and configured how you like it, when you need to set up a similar site, all you do is drag-and-drop 3 files and press 2 buttons.
  • Saves you trouble, hurdles and a lot of effort — WP Twin will copy your entire setup, with all the CSS and PHP and all the plugins, configured exactly the same way, saving you … days… weeks… maybe even months of repetitive annoying tweaking.

Or if you do a lot of blog set ups, you can
automate them and save a ton of time.

Also, it comes with some “already cloned” stuff
you can “one click” and deploy. Nice.

Check it out.


This is also the ultimate backup tool. takes
a second to back up a blog completely.

The real cool feature though is “deploying”
your clones – this will save you hundreds
of hours.