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WP Crusher: WordPress Home Study Course

WP Crusher: WordPress Home Study Course

Wordpress plugin  WP Crusher: WordPress Home Study CourseBest New WordPress training By Mastering WordPress & Website Creation

WP Crusher 2.0 is the Ultimate Guide to Setting Up & Managing WordPress, The Easy Way.

If you’ve ever felt confused and overwhelmed when it comes to WordPress or setting up your website in general, OR if you’ve fumbled around in the past and want to up your game, WP Crusher is the course for you. (Hint: you could take this course yourself OR hand it off to a virtual assistant.) Learn everything you need to know to get the most out of WordPress…That includes not just setting up a new website if you don’t have one (can be done in under 3 minutes), but getting your site to a “starting point” fast (just the right settings, themes, and plugins), and finally, improving it with your own logos, graphics, links, and more. Read more