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Mobile Optimizer WP-Plugin

WPMobile Optimizer… Instantly Optimize Any WordPress Blog For Mobile In One Plugin!

Mobile WP PlugIn

Mobile WP PlugIn

The mobile market has been growing by an estimated 30% every year in the past 3 years, this trend is only growing.

With billions of new mobile users browsing the web it is now becoming essential to market effectively for mobile phones.

WPMobile Optimizer lets you effective display your blog and marketing message for all mobile phone users.

This allows for your visitors on mobile phones to view an optimized page displaying your blog and customized content in easier to navigate page.

The Mobile WP Plugin gives you full control over the design, customize the background with 12 different styles, change navigation links, and even the tabbed content links.

Keep your existing theme and blog! The plugin only displays for smart phones, not PC web browsers!

Here are a few of the benefits:

– Works for Any WordPress Theme!

– Super Simple Setup with Support Guide

– Optimized for Mobile Smart Phones

– Capitalize on Fast Growing Mobile Market

– Redirect Your Users To Optimized Page!

– The Easiest Mobile WordPress Plugin Ever!

Just so that there is no confusion, MobiSitePro, released a few days ago, is for websites and WPMobile Optimizer is a WordPress plugin for your WordPress blog sites.

However, it may be to your advantage to purchase BOTH, unless you’re positive you will only have one or the other type of website forever. (And who can really be sure with the way the internet and marketing changes so quickly?

For a limited time — A Personal Use Copy For Only $11 is available to use on unlimited sites that you own!

Or there is a Developers License for Only $22 that you can use on unlimited sites for yourself, sites you flip, and client sites!