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July 10, 2009


Twitter Automated Search Engine Optimization

by oakhead112

In a prior post,  New Twitter Promotion & Marketing Tool, I noted this great new Twitter automation software. I have personally been using it for myself as well as some of our SEO clients and have produced the video below about the actual results.

I marketing, the mantra is that the real money is in the list. If you develop a list of past clients, people interested in your niche, and potential prospects who may need your product or service, and keep in touch with them … YOU WILL GENERATE NEW BUSINESS!

The proper use of Twitter lets one build such targeted lists. Keep in mind, the key is TARGETED list. In local service business like real estate one could search keywords such as newlywed, wedding date, retirement, graduation, etc.,  in both tweets and profiles, to build a good list.  Realtors and other local service business could put in their office zip code and then collect followers who reside in a 25- to 100-mile area around the office.

Another big benefit of building a targeted Twitter follower list is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION! Yes, with any of a few free and simple applications, one can tie in their blog posts to automatically send off a tweet announcing the new post’s title to all your followers. By notifying thousands of followers of your post, a good number of them may go over to read your blog. Search engines will note this increased traffic and before long, your blog/website will be moved up in the search rankings.

Still not using Twitter?  Don’t expect  the same business your Twittering competitor is generating. It’s all a numbers game, and to be successful on the Internet, you must be involved and automate where ever possible. For now, the two most productive things you can do are: WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW & DOWNLOAD & RUN THE SOFTWARE!  See the direct software hyper-link below the video.


TRY FOR FREE – CLICK HERE for details and free trial

NEW! 5 Laser Targeted Twitter User Search Tools Included

  • Twitter Location Search

  • Twitter Keyword Search

  • Twitter Bio Search

  • Followers Following a Competitor or Same Niche

  • Follow Followers

More Key Benefits

  • Full Automation for Set it and Forget it performance if you go away for the weekend!
  • Multiple Instances of Program can be opened
  • Simple User Friendly Interface and Experience
  • Free Unlimited Software Updates and Support
  • No Monthly or Re-Occuring Fees
  • Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed!
  • Tweet Adder pays for itself!

TRY FOR FREE – CLICK HERE for details and free trial

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  1. Let’s also not forget that Google has your client data in Google Webmasters Tools and can compare what you did on each. It is not clear whether they use this information to fight web spam, but if it was my company I would.

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  2. Jul 22 2009

    My advice…Concentrate on your target audience, analyse your traffic and where it comes from, make sure your SEO and PPC is targeted and relevant and monitor it to ensure this, and get plenty of unique keyword heavy relevant content on your site.

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