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March 28, 2016


Typhoon q500 G Update

by oakhead112

Typhoon q500 G Update

When you visit our site is a search box in the upper right-hand corner. To read all the articles and videos about the typhoon drones, just type in Yuneec or typhoon or Q 500 into the search box and hit return and then it will bring up all the articles and post that we’ve made about these great camera drones.

The Yuneec Typhoon line of drones are really a great value for the technology that you receive. In a couple weeks the new typhoon H will be available for sale. My understanding is that some of the big differences with the new Typhoon H model is a fact that instead of four props you now have six so should one die in flight still be able to land safely. But, probably the most important feature on the new Yuneec Typhoon H model is the fact that it has obstacle avoidance built in. Since as of the time of this writing it is not yet officially available, my understanding is that there will be different package options available. Perhaps the biggest difference between the option packages will be that the basic one would just have basic front obstacle avoidance whereas other packages will include obstacle avoidance for all four directions.

Yuneec Typhoon G - Typhoon q500 G Update

Yuneec Typhoon G

Also a is interesting about this new Yuneec Typhoon H model is the fact that the landing gear all folds up which makes for a more compact drone and you’re able to actually put in a backpack. For me this extra portability is a tremendous leap forward from the current Typhoon models. I also like the fact that the landing gear goes up once the model is launched in flight. This combined with the fact that the camera can rotate 360° is really something.

Now with all the above said about the new typhoon H models, so far they haven’t come out with one that will accept the GoPro like my current Typhoon G model. Also, I’ve seen some big discounts for the Typhoon G model. So, personally for me, even though the Typhoon H has a lot of nice technology built into it, it’s not worth what could be easily more than two times the price of a Typhoon G model at their current discounted prices.

Typhoon q500 G Update


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