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December 4, 2012

Website Lawsuit Protection

by oakhead112

Website lawsuit protection

website lawsuits

Lawyers might be laughing but you won’t if you’re sued because of outdated, improperly worded or just the missing website disclosure or privacy policy.

If you have a website or blog. I call it cheap insurance to have a good updated privacy policy and legal disclosures. As we all know today’s society is very prone to threaten or file a lawsuit for the slightest perceived or real, legal infraction. Just consulting with an attorney. We usually set one back a couple of hundred dollars. Hiring an attorney for putting them on retainer you’re now talking about thousands.

You might think that if you’re not selling products or services. It’s not that important to have a proper disclosure or privacy policy. The fact is, thinking this way could cost you thousands! Just as one example, let’s say someone post a comment to one of your blog post and they use a paragraph or two from a copyrighted work… Even though you didn’t personally publish this, because it is now appearing on your site, you may face some serious repercussions, where just the deletion of the material in question will not solve your problem.

In March of this year, there were new regulations drafted giving the Federal Trade Commission more power over proper Internet website disclosures and privacy policy regulations.

Just borrowing another websites copyright notice or privacy policy may just create new copyright issues for yourself as well as not ensuring that such notice is is sufficient or even up to current regulations.

It’s time to protect yourself, your business and your personal assets from possible litigation because your website or blog was actually a litigation magnet. Obviously, anyone can sue anyone else for practically any reason, but by having proper disclosures on your website properties, you can definitely decrease the odds of being a target of a frivolous lawsuit.

New -cut-and-paste your way to peace of mind with handcrafted website legal forms
These Are Hand-Crafted Legal Forms You Can Use On ALL Of Your Websites

You will receive not 7, but EIGHT, cut & paste website legal forms in PDF, Microsoft Word, and TXT formats. These feature less “passive voice” and more “plain language” phrasing:

1. Anti-Spam Policy
2. Copyright Notice
3. Disclaimer: multi-discipline professional disclaimers
4. DMCA Compliance
5. Federal Trade Commission Compliance: a proprietary FTC page ready to accommodate March 2012 guidelines
6. Privacy Policy: Google & DoubleClick DART, etc.
7. Terms of Service & Conditions of Use: with inter- & intra-page redundancy, Contra Preferentum provision, reservation of rights, exclusive social media admonition (been following the Facebook lawsuits?)
8. Social Media Disclaimer: BRAND NEW! Building on the generalized warning (social media admonition) in the TOS & COU doc above, there’s now a more full-bodied caution to website visitors. I predict there will ongoing & escalating issues (which ultimately end up in court) over social media. The LAST thing we want is for someone to say we didn’t exercise due care in casting a warning before engaging ANY social media or similar interface on our sites. YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST!

Non-U.S. IM’ers doing ANY business in the U.S. should protect their sites this way.

Full 60 day money back guarantee!   Click the button below to get the full details:

website legal disclosures

Website Lawsuit Protection

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