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December 24, 2012

WordPress Backup EZ Way To Save Or Clone Your Blog

by oakhead112

WordPress Backup – Subject: 23,877 WordPress Sites At The Click of a Button?

Did you know that if you lost your website tomorrow (or even just one file on your website)
that you can get it back instantly if you just click the one “BACK UP” button beforehand?

How about this… you no longer have to spend hours setting up a new WordPress site, just
get it the way you want it and you can back it up and then restore it to a new location…

Lance and Robert actually have a bunch of backups stored on Amazon for a new membership site,
a new blog configured the way they want it, with offline themes… and they can click a button
and set up a brand new copy of that site anywhere they want, ready to be filled in…

This is called “Backup Creator” and it’s already powering 23,877 WordPress sites!

– What if you used this to provide a backup (or even theme installation) service to your clients?

– What if you installed a site as a bonus to one of your courses?

– What if you just used this plugin to run regular automatic backups so you never have to
worry about messing up your site?  It’s all explained for you right here:

Wordpress backup
WordPress Backup

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