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November 26, 2008


WordPress Plugin For Content & Comments

by oakhead112

For increased search engine rankings you should post at least two to four times per week. But, who has the extra time? Certinaly not if you are a Realtor. Would it be nice to set your WordPress blog to do some 'on topic' posts and comments all automatically to help you out? No this is NOT some magic software that should be used 100% of the time. But, why not use it to do 25% to 50% of your posts?

This WordPress plugin builds an entire WordPress site quickly and easily at the push of a button.

You just supply it with a word, and it will supply you with up to fifty posts, each with images and comments pertaining to the post.

Highly customizable, amongst a ton of other features you can future-date posts, change post layouts and even rewrite each post before it's posted to your site!

Click here to view more details

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  4. really good information

  5. Jun 19 2010

    Thanks for the useful SEO ideas and software!

  6. Hello. Great post! Thanks

  7. Going to give this a try on our WordPress blog.

  8. Mar 23 2014

    Thanks for the info on the WordPress plugin!

  9. Aug 13 2014

    Thanks for all the information…most helpful!

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