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June 4, 2015

WordPress SEO Fix

by oakhead112

WordPress SEO Fix

 WordPress SEO Fix
Hi guys
Yup, it’s true, WordPress straight out of the box has a nasty bug in it that can cost you your
rankings in Google!
On the other hand, fixing it can get you a boat load of hands free targeted traffic
More about that in a moment, first of all let me get you up to speed what the problem is:
WP Default Tagging Setup = Duplicate Content On Your Site!
uh huh, using WP ‘Tag pages’ with the default configuration you get is going to create a whole bunch
of duplicate pages on your site, and we all know how much Google hate that, right..?
One sniff of you having the same content across separate pages on your site and Google are going to
grab their big fat “penalizing” wand and point it straight at your site!
If they haven’t already…

The good news is there’s a real simple (and QUICK) way to:
+Fix WordPress & Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties
+Drive FREE Targetted Traffic To Your Site On Auto-Pilot!
Traffic Tagger takes the guesswork out of pulling in tons of FREE search engine traffic and puts your
archive tag pages on steroids…
and all without the risk of duplicate content penalties from repeated tag pages!
The best news is right now this 1 click install plugin is on a limited special offer at over 70% off!
To Your Success,


WordPress SEO Fix

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