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June 9, 2013

WP Plugin Security Suite

by oakhead112

New WP Plugin Security Suite

WP security pluginDid you know that unsecured WordPress sites are
notoriously easy to hack?

Especially if you used a script like Fantastico to
install your WordPress sites

Even SONY was hacked last year… THREE times!

What do you stand to lose by leaving your, or your
CLIENT’S sites, open to attack?

This exclusive software will take you by the hand and
guide you through the exact steps you need to take in
order to protect your sites from 99+% of hacks then
performs all of them automatically!

It took months of testing and tweaking by a highly
experienced computer professional to get this combination

We don’t want to alarm you, but if hackers install a
virus on your sites or even worse a phishing page to
steal your visitors’ banking and PayPal login details,
Google will BAN your sites!

Even if you could persuade Google to include your
sites again, how long would it take you to recover
from the resulting loss of rankings?

How many clients would you lose?

If your WordPress sites are unprotected, the fact is that
you are risking your entire business…

==>> WordPress Security Plugin

You could be a victim right now and not even know it…

We’re not saying this to scare you, but to prepare you
in advance.

Why wait until disaster strikes?

Prevent your sites from getting hacked by using WPSensei
Security Suite!

With the ability to automatically perform 35+ security
procedures, it’s the #1 Solution of WP users for ALL of
your and your client’s security needs with only a few

Every WordPress user, no matter the niche needs this
plugin.. it goes above and beyond the call of duty..

It is simple enough for a total beginner and robust
enough for the most seasoned of wp users…

So if you use WordPress in your business, don’t wait until
it’s too late – protect your sites and your client’s sites

==>> WordPress Security Plugin

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