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October 29, 2015

Yuneec Typhoon Firmware Update

by oakhead112

Typhoon Firmware Update

Just our a few days ago the Yuneec Typhoon firmware version 1.07 was released.

Anytime you have a high-tech aerial photography platform like the Typhoon drone line, when a firmware update comes out it definitely pays to jump on it, so you always have the best functionality from your Typhoon.

This latest Yuneec firmware update is really quite expensive and something that shouldn’t be put off. Here is a list of the Typhoon firmware updates in this 1.07 version:

Typhoon firmware update
                        Yuneec Typhoon G
  • -Go Home Improved: In case of loss of signal, Typhoon will return to home and remain in a hover until the signal is regained. Typhoon will land if the voltage is below 10.7 volts for a consecutive 3 seconds if the signal is not acquired.
  • -Improved GPS performance
  • -Improved Typhoon performance in wind
  • -Increased Angle Mode speed to 17mph
  • -Increased Follow Me and Watch Me speed to 22mph
  • -Improved landing characteristics
  • -Wizard connectivity


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Private citizens and media organizations use UAVs for surveillance, recreation, news-gathering, or personal land assessment. Occupy Wall Street journalist Tim Pool uses what he calls an “occucopter” for live feed coverage of Occupy movement events. The “occucopter” is an inexpensive radio-controlled quadcopter with cameras attached and controllable by Android devices or iOS. In February 2012, an animal rights group used a MikroKopter hexacopter to film hunters shooting pigeons in South Carolina. The hunters then shot the UAV down. UAVs also have been shown to have many other civilian uses, such as in agriculture, movies, and the construction industry. In 2014, a drone was used in search and rescue operations to successfully located an elderly gentleman with dementia who went missing for 3 days. In March 2015, the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas banned drones, citing Wi-Fi bandwidth congestion and safety concerns.

Typhoon Firmware Update

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