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August 17, 2009


#1 Reason to Jump Into Social Networking

by oakhead112

If you have an Internet presence and are not incorporating social networking into your site/blog, you’re in the dark ages. For the majority of businesses, it’s a numbers game on the Internet. You want potential clients viewing your tweets, visiting your site and commenting on your blog posts. The real bottom line for business is you want them to buy your product or service.

For this blog and many of my client’s blogs, we link all blog posts to Twitter and then Twitter to Facebook. So, one blog post automatically creates a new Twitt and posting on Facebook. This has increased our subscribers and slowly, produced increased demand for both our services and SEO software.


Twitter software

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  1. Aug 18 2009

    There are many ways to get more people to your website. Social Networking, Article marketing, pay per click, directories there are many process are there. You can use any of these methods of marketing to get more people to your website. Which ever method you choose you can get good results. Whichever method you choose, you want to make sure it’s profitable.

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  2. Aug 18 2009

    Use social web site such as facebook, myspace and other social networks. Based on Hitwise stats they are second highest ways to drive traffic to your web site after search engines.

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  3. Social networking as a whole are becoming as popular as search engines such as Google and Yahoo. In fact Google bought Youtube® and started their own Myspace® type website called Orkut® and Yahoo attempted to buy Facebook®. Social networking is such a bonanza that doesn’t even know their own limits of how large they will grow.

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  4. Other options for getting more site traffic include buying ads, which you can easily do through Google AdSense, Yahoo, and MSN. I’m not sure if I’d recommend it, but it is an option.

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