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YouTube traffic software – Drive HUGE Web traffic to your site!

Here Are 124 Million Reasons to Include YouTube In Your Online Marketing Campaign

124 Million Users are waiting to watch your YouTube video

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Leveraging Google For Return Blog Traffic!

What if you could leverage the power of Google to bring more traffic to your blog? Well, that would be incredible – but Google won't help out a small blog, will they?Yes, they will – without even knowing it!
The Google toolbar is powerful. It is on millions upon millions of browsers world-wide. And you can leverage THAT popularity – that "top of mind awareness" – to bring more traffic to your blog! This nifty little WordPress Plugin is called WP Goobar – and it actually lets you add a button to your visitors' Google Toolbar that links right back to your blog! No more "I forgot your URL" or "what blog" or "I didn't know you updated" – your loyal visitors can see it all, right there. Best of all, while they have complete control (they can remove the button as they please), the button is always sitting there – just waiting for them to CLICK!
Leverage the popularity of the Google Toolbar to bring repeat visitors to your blog – check out WP Goobar!

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FREE – New, Video Submission Tool

video submissionWhile Others Are Charging BIG BUCKS for Their Video Submission Tools…. This is the ONLY Site On The InternetGIVING it Away For FREE! The problem with making your free video distibution effective, is that you have to get your video uploaded to as many sites as possible, and it can take hours to do it, and a LOT of typing.

You've got better things to do with your time than sit in front of your computer screen, going to YouTube, logging in, filling in your video descrition, uploading your video…waiting…waiting….done.

Now go to ZippyVideos, login, enter your video description, upload your video….wait…wait…done.

Now go to, login, eter your video description…..

You get the picture right?

This takes up your most valuable resource, and something you can NEVER get back – your time!

The Solution….a FREE New Video Submission Tool . . . Video Traffic Assistant

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