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San Diego real estate aerial photography

San Diego real estate aerial photography

San Diego California real estate aerial video photography is really gaining quite a lot of popularity. When done correctly, a aerial perspective not only brings a unique point of view to most properties, but it creates and holds potential buyers interest.

Aerial real estate photography can visually establish a location within the neighborhood and community that street-level photography can never achieve

Our San Diego area real estate photography package not only helps agents promote their specific listings, but it also creates important social signals from YouTube and other video sites, with links pointing back to the agent’s own website. Since videos can be embedded on other sites, this could create numerous back links from a variety of sites pointing back to the agents own site. These back links and social signals can increase rankings and thereby traffic to the real estate agent website.

In addition, these videos become an example to future prospective home sellers showing an additional proven effective marketing service that the real estate agent can offer them over the majority of other agents being considered for the listing.


San Diego Aerial real estate photography program:

*NOTE -We are NOT accepting any aerial photography jobs at this time. We are going to wait to see what the new FAA rules are going to say on this service.

*NOTE – This video has been edited and therefor you will notice a gap(s) in both the video/audio tracks. A major real estate brokerage firm just came out with an opinion that real estate agent should hold off using aerial drone footage in marketing their properties until the FAA issues final regulations on drone usage. These new regulations are supposed to be out in about a year. Meanwhile, aerial drone photography for personal or hobby use is okay. Supposedly the FAA issuing these rules to promote safety. But, why is there no regulation for personal use? Is personal use of aerial drones somehow safer than commercial use?

The vast majority of aerial drones that have been used way under 5 pounds and four real estate videos would rarely ever get above 100 feet or so. Yet, until I retired from hang gliding a couple years ago, when I was strapped into the glider and had all my gear on, I would have to say the total weight was about 360 pounds and yet the FAA does not require any type of official permit or license for hang gliding. Sure, there are a set of common sense rules that the FAA has put out for hang gliders, but that’s about it.

So, in the interest of not wanting to get involved in any type of government litigation I have edited this video. I hope that the new regulations will make some common sense and not just be a way for government to raise money or tax individuals for using these models.

San Diego commercial property marketing

San Diego Real Estate aerial video photography

Basic footage – $150

Interior stills – $55

Finished edited video – $125

Uploading of the video to our SEO YouTube channel with basic descriptive text: – $45

Guaranteed organic YouTube page 1 results for your selected keyword phrase, so, your video appears on page 1 of the YouTube organic results. – $150.

*Notes – all prices subject to change. Average finish video length 90 seconds to 3 min. Finished edited video includes an opening screen and a closing screen, plus, if requested, agents branding throughout the video. Audio spoken description can be provided by an audio file from the agent and will be incorporated at no additional cost. If Promotions Unlimited is asked to do the audio, the agent would have to provide a typed script and there’ll be an additional charge of $35. The finished video file will be in high definition and MPEG-4 1920 x 1080, ready to upload to YouTube and or directly to your own website.

If you’re interested in this unique program, you can e-mail Bob at:

San Diego aerial real estate photography


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  1. Jan 12 2016

    Very well done!

  2. Yes, drones are great for real estate advertising.

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