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Shocking New Test Results Disclosed

article submissions

article submissions

Hey There,

Writing articles and posting them on free article directories has always been one of the best ways to generate BOTH traffic and links.

But, I hate writing articles… and have pretty much given up
messing with anything to do with them.

But my buddy Rob had me revisit this traffic generation
method with his own twist…

Let’s just say the results were totally unexpected…

If you write articles, you NEED to see this!

We talking 30% to 70% Clickthru Rates!

check out the results and watch the video here:



PS. You owe it to your online success to give this a peek:


FREE Blog SEO Software Download

Next to good content, incomming links to your blog/website are key for top stands and traffic. With Blog Finder you can build unlimited, high quality, targeted backlinks to all your websites. Blog Finder is 100% no-spam search engine friendly blog commenting software that provides you with a great way to get backlinks for your sites without using any risky tactics that could destroy your search engine rankings. With Blog Finder your time for finding themed blogs and submitting comments to them is reduced to minimum. In a record time you can gain dozens (if not hundreds) of high quality backlinks, get your websites indexed naturally by search engines and attract more human traffic to your sites.

Blog Finder is designed to search for blog posts that rank in Google for a particular phrase and makes it easy to comment on them. Blog Finder searches for quality blogs that accept comments. It brings up blogs with both “dofollow” and “nofollow” tags. It also shows the Google PageRank for each domain and blog page post and has options that can be tweaked to filter by Domain PR, Page PR, link type, date and user note.

You can export a report about your blog comments to a user definable format at any time. With a powerful Backup/Restore feature you will never lose your keywords and blog lists found for these keywords. You can save a full backup of your workplace and restore it whenever you need it.

With Blog Finder you can:

– search the Internet for blogs that accept comments using the keywords or keyword phrases

– determine the domain and blog page PR

– determine the type of blog page (“dofollow” or “nofollow”)

– post comments on the blogs directly from the program

– reduce to minimum your time for finding themed blogs and submitting comments to them

– dramatically increase search engines and human traffic to your web sites

– boost your natural search engine rankings

– gain dozens (if not hundreds) of high quality backlinks to your websites

– instantly get the search engine spiders to your web sites and get your sites indexed naturally

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FREE Software download

FREE Software download


If You Sell A Service Or Product … The Big Money Is In Your Client List

mailing list software

mailing list software

If You’re New To The Internet And Have Been Told By All The So-Called Gurus To Build A List, Have You Ever Stopped To Think “How Do I Start Building It In The First Place”? It’s okay to hear this stuff every time you get to an event… you hear the big numbers… see the huge dollars… but how do they generate the massive lists in order to pull in sales?

Other people say “Oh but you need to get jv partners”…. hehehe… even emailed big named gurus only to be told “we’re not taking on any new jv’s at present,
but good luck with your launch” Then you hear them saying “The money’s in the list”. That’s the biggest load of lies and hype that’s ever been whispered out of these guru’s traps!

Go grab a Yellow Pages directory… there’s a list… now try to sell them if the list is so damn good…
What you need to succeed online is the TRUTH…

You don’t need bogus “run around” advice aimed at making you buy every single product imaginable… and STILL have no opt-ins, not a scrap of interest and
no cash in the bank….

If You’re a Realtor, stock broker, Internet marketer or just a house painter YOU MUST HAVE FOCUSED CLIENT LIST TO REALLY SUCCEED.

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TO your success,


Is Your Blog/Website Generating Income?

This is a follow-up to my 8-26 post #1 EZ Way to Make Money with YOUR Blog or Site. I received a number of IM’s indicating that many thought just adding the Google Adsense script to their blog/websites was the key to making some decent additional revenue.

Before we go any further, if you have not read my post noted above, please do so. As SEO webmasters we host over 60 real estate sites in California. Many of these sites have added the Google Adsence scripts with hope of making a little gas money per month.

Here is the monthly Google Adsense income for five California real estate websites (not to embarrass anyone and to comply w/Google Adsense terms, full site URL’s and certain Adsense stats have been eliminated or masked):

Adsense for real estate sites

Adsense for real estate sites

If we elimate the site w/237 page views, you’ll note that the August average page views was just 13. The average click-throughs were only 1.25 and average monthly income was 87 cents! So, it should be quite evident that just adding Adsence to your real estate site will not come close to purchasing an additional gallon of gas, for the vast majority.

So, is it worth your time? Will you lose possible big money commission by having Adsense on your site?

To help answer these questions, look at my one day Adsense income on 9-9-09:

Google Adsense income

Google Adsense income

With just 47 clicks I made $77.98 in one day! That should answer the first question posed above. The answer to the second question, is no, if implemented correctly. By proper placement of the Adsense script and unitization of the blocking features available, you can keep other real estate ads from appearing on your site. If you are running a real estate site, what other possible ads can be displayed? The general categories could be related to mortgages, reverse mortgages, credit reports, moving companies, painters, remodels, bankruptcy, estate planning, tax prep etc…

It still takes a little work. If you are not ready to learn and put time into proper SEO, I would say don’t waste your time for 87cents per month! On the other hand, if you believe life is continual learning, and you want to take control of your real estate blog/website, not only will you be able to make some decent gas money each month, but your rankings and traffic will show marked improvement.

I’m working on some future posts on ‘inside’ SEO & Adsense tips that I’ve learned by actual implementation on real estate and other sites/blogs over the years. Don’t miss these! I strongly suggest you subscribe to my free RSS feed or email post alerts at: search engine optimization software blog.