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Google Adsense Earnings Top $14,000

Google Adsense Income

Google Adsense Income

I’ve written posts about making good additional income with partnering with Google in their Adsense advertising programs. In each instance, I usually receive email or posted comments that pooh-pooh the concept for various reasons. With this post I’ll try to head off some of the critics.

#1. Google may have been profitable when it first debuted, but now you can only make pennies and in most cases, it’s not worth the time to even join and set up the program on your sight.

ANSWER: Look above at our Google AsSense income we earned last year!

#2. My visitors will click the Google ads and I’ll make a few pennies and lose a potential client.

ANSWER: Adsense allows the website owner to block certain advertisers from having their ads appear on your site. If you have a strong site and are offering solid benefits, why worry? After all, visitors to your site can just use their back arrow or put a new search term into their browser and exit your site.

#3. Google Adsense ads will make my site look too commercial.

ANSWER: Are you on the same Internet as me? Just look around; what sites do not have some form of monetization? Adsense has a number of ad types and placement options. You can have just one small ad display on the right site of your content or up to three ad displays on the top, middle, side or bottom of your content. It’s all up to how you want to set it up. You can even select the color combinations you want. Now, of course, if you are a total socialist and don’t believe in capitalism, this program is not for you … but, why are you reading this post?

#4. I tried Adsense and my actual results were just a dollar or two per month. Why continue with a poor program?

ANSWER: It’s not the program that is poorly designed. Most likely it is your website! Again, look at our 2009 Google Adsense earnings shown above. To be successful in any business endeavor, one must go about it with a proven method, keep good statistics and keep testing and revising to be sure you are optimizing and earning your full potential. Naturally, if your website gets very little unique traffic, is poorly designed or provides very little fresh informative content, you should first improve your site before any monetization programs.

If you are looking for some secret formula to make thousands from your website with little or no effort … good luck!

With Adsense or any valuable information, don’t listen to people who cannot prove they have been successful from the ideas they are telling you to implement. What you should do RIGHT NOW is get a FREE subscription to this blog. We will provide other useful insights and soon offer a low cost training program for earning money with Adsense.


Twitter Marketing Software

We are happy to announce  TweetsBot  — THE BEST TWITTER MARKETING SOFTWARE.

Give it a test drive with our demo …. Click the graphic at the bottom of this post.


  • Build solid Twitter Accounts that are highly targeted to your business, service or affiliate offer.
  • Follow people exactly when they are interested in your product, service or affiliate offer.
  • Easy Install! Runs on your desktop. ( windows version )
  • Your Twitter account information stays on your computer.


  • Handling Unlimited Twitter Accounts.
  • Auto Download Account Followers List.
  • Auto Search for twitter users to follow targeted to your niche via keyword.
  • Auto Search for twitter users to follow by Bio.(new)
  • Auto Search for twitter users to follow By location and keywords (with miles).(new)
  • Auto Search for twitter users to follow By zipcode and keywords.(new)
  • attitudes support ( postive, negative and asking a question ).(new)
  • Get user’s followers or friends and follow them ( via screen name ).
  • Follow all users who are following you and send them direct message in automated mode ( set your own timer to check who followed you every x min(s) and follow him back ).(new)
  • Unfollow all users who are not following you anymore ( add users to white list to not be unfollowed ). (new)
  • Update your account status with just one click.
  • Add unlimited count of tweets and let the software tweet them in auto mode every x amount of minutes ( export and import tweets from account to another ).
  • shorting url included.
  • Automatically send RSS Feed tweets from any of rss link from RSS Blaster (new)
  • Generate rss news via keywords with rss blaster (new)
  • Super Tweets – When a person says something, “I want iphone” , software will reply to him with a user inputted tweet, “@personwhotweeted ,Check out my site to get free iphone.
  • and much more

System Requirements

  • Windows Operating system
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • Twitter Account
  • .Net Frame work 3.5 
  • Internet Connection

License and refund policy

  • 60 days money back guarantee.
  • License up to 3 computers.
  • Free life time update.