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September 12, 2010


99 cents for .COM domain names

by oakhead112

99 cents for .COM domain name

I’ve got an interesting business strategy for you to look at.

But that’s not MY doing, ok.  Just saying…

First of all, here’s a news item you need to know about:

Bob Parsons has put his company, GoDaddy, up for sale.
He’s hoping to get at least $1B for it.  To help do that, he’s been juicing the goose, so to speak.

If you haven’t noticed, they’ve been running a bunch of sales for the past few months where they offer really
DEEP discounts for domain names.  This weekend, in fact, they’re selling .com domains for 99 cents.

*** 99 cents for .COM domain names! ***

*** coupon code: Godaddy99 ***

Why?  Because from a business standpoint, they’re worth $15 or more each when they come up for renewal in a year.

They’re  adding a TON of new inventory at bargain-basement prices.  That’s how a business is valued, so expect them to continue offering cheap domains and hosting deals for a while, at least until they get acquired.

There’s actually an opportunity in this for YOU, which is what this is about.

First, realize that you can pick up 100 domains for $99 right now, instead of nearly $1000.  The question is, what domains
are you going to pick?

Geo-localized domain names using keywords that Google reports as having measurable traffic.

Buy them from GoDaddy at 99 cents each.

Now you need to monetize them somehow.

You have a few options at this point.  If you only get a few names, you can set them up on a reseller hosting
account (ie., each with its own login), set up a WordPress blog on each one, get some traffic, then either rent or sell
the site in a few months.

Use basic article marketing to get traffic, and you’ll have a nice asset before long.

You can also monetize the sites with AdSense, ClickBank, and maybe some CPA offers, and you might make some nice coin.

But all of this takes time and effort.  And if you’ve got a bunch of domain names sitting doing nothing already,
well, why not kill a bunch of birds with one stone?

An easy way to do all of this in a very quick, turn-key manner is to get hold of this script:

It will let you set up all of those domains on your own hosting account, then manage them ALL through ONE

It lets you add AdSense ads, Clickbank ads, Amazon ads, CPA ads, articles, and almost anything else you might want.

Better yet, I think they’ve got a half-price sale going on right now.

Look at it this way — instead of spending $1000 on 100 domain names, you’re spending $100 on 100 domain names and you have money left over to buy some scripts that will let you turn those domains into a nice cashflow over the
next few months.

FYI: a site making $1/day can be sold for around $1000 at auction if properly managed — that’s 3x annual revenues.


Taking this to the next level, I know some guys who are grabbing domain names for small towns like:

They’re putting WordPress on them, doing basic SEO, getting them ranking in Google, then contacting agents in those cities and offering to either sell or rent the sites to them.

It’s a fair bet that in towns under 100,000 population, very few of the trades people, or real estate agents,
will have websites.  So setting up a generic site will be easy to sell to someone in that town, even if it’s for a few hundred dollars.

For the Best cost effective hosting:

Web Site Hosting

Now … go find some new revenue streams!

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  1. david
    Sep 17 2010

    I tried the code however I guess I was to late. Here is a Godaddy coupon code that I found that works great. WALLET412 gets you 35% off your .com renewals and registrations with you will pay $7.48 vs regular price of $11.44

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