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October 2, 2013

Comment Commander Pro Backlinking Software

by oakhead112

Comment Commander Pro

comment commander pro

–  Finds High PR Do-Follow Blogs that allow comments. Then you comment on them and get an extremely valuable backlink to your website. The coolest features is that it allows you to be one of the first to comment, thus also providing quality traffic to your site.

Comment Commander Pro Features:

  • finds best websites for dofollow backlinks;
  • finds relevant guest posting opportunities;
  • returns up to 100 results per search with 5 types of searches;
  • saves all the URLs and builds a database;
  • Checks approved comments and exports them to a CSV file for pinging.
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To increase your sites rank & traffic, you need a system to find the major influencers in your niche that will allow you to place a backlink on their sites.
Yes, getting backlinks from REAL authority sites in your niche is your key to top rankings. What you should be looking for are sites that ALREADY rank for your keywords and are on topic for your niche.
These backlinks are super powerful for 3 big reasons…

  • Because Google knows they are from legitimate authority sites they give you a massive authority and rankings boost
  • They provide you with actual targeted traffic and lots of it,
  • It lets you build relationships with the influencers in your niche that can often lead to very high directed traffic!

Traditionally this has been time consuming, expensive, and outright tedious but this new software that makes getting high value back links from major authority sites incredibly easy!

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Comment Commander Pro

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