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February 27, 2013


A Complete Social Network On Your WordPress Blog!

by oakhead112

New Covert Social Press theme

Covert social press

We’ve been telling you about this for the last few days
and hopefully you grabbed your copy when it went live
yesterday, but just in case you missed it… the price
just started going up on DIMESALE… So it’s not too late
to still get it for a great price.

The new Covert Social Press theme is the most cutting
edge stuff we have ever seen… Calling it a theme
hardly does it justice.

Watch the demo video and see for yourself…

==>> => View the VIDEO

Covert Social Press Theme…

Lets you run a fully functional social network, straight
from your WordPress blog!

Complete with…

– Real members joining your site and building it for you.

– Automatic traffic integration with Facebook, Twitter &

– You can fill your sites with quality content in minutes
– without ever writing a single word yourself.

– It has all the functionality of a billion dollar site
like Digg – and it looks like a million bucks too!

– Full monetization, including a very clever feature never
seen in WordPress before.

In fact we have NEVER seen any of this in a WordPress
theme before.

Covert Social Press is totally unique, cutting edge and
insanely powerful.

Yes, so simple to use it makes sending an email seem

We highly recommend that you grab this theme today… it’s
some of the most cutting edge stuff we have ever seen.

Go NOW, the price goes up with every order!  ==>> => View the VIDEO

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  1. Come hell or high water I will be a part of this program and I’m never going back to the old way of thinking.

    Besides, how awesome would it be to beat my employer (a major website) at its own game! #Ready

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