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October 21, 2008


Is Your Website At Risk?…

by oakhead112

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Hi ,

Isn't the internet great?

It's just about the last place for the little guy,
or gal, to get rich. After all, all you need is a
web site or blog… something to sell… and
it's "Hello, Huntingdon Beach!" BIG mistake.

You see, it's precisely because the internet makes
it so very easy for anyone to start their own
business, that it's so downright dangerous.

Because, you simply cannot treat your internet
business – whether it's just selling a few items
on eBay or running a full blooded on line publishing
empire – as merely a hobby.

Like it or not – just because the internet is your
sole marketing method – you are still running a
business and, as a business owner, you are instantly
the target of many people, from big government,
through a jealous competitor right down to some
oddball customer, determined to make trouble for you.

And don't think that – just because you're in the
right – you have nothing to fear. Because, by the
time you've paid your lawyer's fees, and all the
other expenses – like travel expenses and all the
lost business and earnings you'll suffer, whilst
you're fighting this firestorm

– you could end up thousands in debt!

And that's just the start…

Because if some crazy starts all this and files a
complaint for Internet Fraud with the Federal Trade
Commission, watch out!

Because – innocent or not – every detail of your
business and private life will be put under the
official microscope.

What's more…

…the irony is, it could probably be so easily

Because it could simply be your web site is missing
some tiny detail or other… or you might have made
a rash claim about a product (even if you're only
an affiliate)… or you might have said something
you bitterly regret in an e-mail… the list of slip
ups you could so easily make goes on and on…

But it doesn't have to be like this…

Because there is a simple, inexpensive way you can
quickly build your very own missile defence shield
to protect you, your business and even your loved
ones from the nuclear strike that could so easily
destroy your life, as you know it, if you fail to
take action

Read more about this and learn how to protect
yourself here:


Warm Regards,

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