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November 13, 2014

Outrank Sites Ranking #1 for Years?

by oakhead112

Outrank Sites Ranking #1 for 5+ Years? (here is how)

video essence

For years now, Google has been displaying video
results in the SERPS, above seasoned, authority
sites that have been ranking at the top of the results
– some for 5-10+ years!

Which is why when I want to rank for a keyword, I
don’t bother with ranking a page…I rank a VIDEO!

Watch this…


Yesterday I told you about a sweet video curation
technology supplies your site with UNLIMITED fresh
content with insane engagement & SEO optimization.

Its one of the fastest ways of building video-style
sites that have enormous instant authority and will
give you that “backdoor effect” into the Google SERPS…

Here was a taste of what Video Essence can do:

…building a full authority site in any niche, in minutes
…receiving fresh content automatically
…video sitemaps instantly generated…Google loves these
…ad serving
…lead capture
…100% mobile responsiveness
…and a beauty WordPress theme to harness everything!



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