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New Twitter Marketing Software

New Twitter software


In Real Estate it’s all
about big numbers – Big marketing = BIG RESULTS!

STOP paying referral fees for leads

The Only Twitter Software That can BYPASS API LIMITS!

Twitter Friend Adder, Mass Unfollower,
Tweet Scraper, Reply Generator, Retweet Generator, Tweet
Spinner, Tweet Auto Reply, Mass Retweets, Tweet Auto
Poster and Tweet Scheduler with Socialoomph Integration

Dear Fellow Internet Pros

Twitter is getting more and more serious about banning users
who are using bots, and it is quite easy for them.

By design of their API, they can easily tell if you are
using automated software or not. So if you are using
automated software that uses the Twitter API to do things
like follows, unfollows, auto posting, retweeting etc, you
are basically inviting the Twitter anti spam bots to look at
your account’s activites.

Did You Know?

  • The Twitter API is responsible of your 150 request limits
  • The Twitter API is how Twitter can easily know that you are automating your task
  • It is the reason that you cannot follow many users per day
  • It is the reason that can not tweet your offers many times per day
  • It is the reason that your account gets banned when you follow too much
  • It is the reason that your account gets banned when you tweet too much

All twitter softwares out there are
built using the Twitter API.

. . . until the development of TweetAttacks.

What’s SO SPECIAL about this software?

  • TweetAttacks does not rely on the Twitter API
  • TweetAttacks does not have the 150 request limits
  • TweetAttacks is posting tweets using the web
  • TweetAttacks is following and unfollowing users through the web
  • TweetAttacks leaves no traces and works very naturally
  • TweetAttacks gives you the ability to protect your accounts from getting banned
  • TweetAttacks gives you the ability to ignore spammers
  • TweetAttacks have the most powerful features available in ANY Twitter software

So how can
you improve your real estate (or any business) business with this?

When someone Tweets

“I want to buy my first home”

Would you like to Tweet them back with your IDX link?

Even if they are looking outside your area, if you contact them 1st.

You could have a qualified referral!
A 25% referral commission is better that 0% commission!

Twitter is growing insanely fast, and

Twitter users are often Tweeting incredible leads ….

I need a new condo..
I need a
new home..
I want to sell my
I want a mortgage..
Where to find best mortgage..
I want to move..
I need a good home loan..
I got 100k, should I buy real estate?
I want to short sell my
I want to buy a townhome

Do you get the idea? YES in

twitter there are millions of Tweets that are asking

for a reply… but how can you reply to them all

before your competitor does?

Just install TweetAttacks and it will do it for you 24/7.

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