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WordPress Cloner – Clone Any WordPress Site in Just 1 Click…

Hi Folks,

Wordpress cloner

Most of us backup our WordPress sites using C-Panel or backup plugins & that’s OK If you’re restoring sites to the same host/domain…

However what would happen if your host closed your account tomorrow or worse still if your domain renewal lapsed…Restoring backups onto new hosts/domains is often problematic .

WordPress Cloner –

To clone a site today you would need to: Read more


New – WordPress Master Control Plugin

WP Master Control Plugin …

This awesome new plugin installs, updates, secures, backs up, and clones all your new and existing WP sites with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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WordPress Cloner Plugin

Clone Your WP blog At WhirlWind Speed
The Easiest Way To Clone Your WP Blog….
Want To Clone Your WP Blog?

Wordpress cloner

The best way to increase your Internet traffic is to have multiple WordPress blogs. If you have one WordPress blog set-up just the way you like it, you can easily duplicate it, change the title, add a few graphics and you have a new blog! Read more