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February 15, 2012

WordPress Cloner Plugin

by oakhead112

Clone Your WP blog At WhirlWind Speed
The Easiest Way To Clone Your WP Blog….
Want To Clone Your WP Blog?

Wordpress cloner

The best way to increase your Internet traffic is to have multiple WordPress blogs. If you have one WordPress blog set-up just the way you like it, you can easily duplicate it, change the title, add a few graphics and you have a new blog!

If you’re in real estate or a  lawyer for example, and have a good WordPress set up for San Diego or divorce law, clone that blog and create a new one for Del Mar homes or civil law to better target you visitors. There is no need to hire a programmer or web design company; you can easily clone your blog with this great plugin.

Want to find a plugin that can clone your complicated blog?

Or just looking for a plugin that let you clone your blog easily without using ftp?

Whatever your situation…whether it is complex or easy clone, you have found the right plugin…

Introducing… QuickCloner

WordPress Cloner

This plugin is simple to install and easy to use … and it can clone your wordpress blog at Whirlwind speed!

Make sure to check out the videos on the sales page to see how this plugin works…. QuickCloner

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