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Dominate YouTube & Google Rankings

Dominate YouTube & Google Rankings

YouTube & Google Rankings

When you do a live event and stream your videos, you have a much better chance of ranking well, than if you just upload a video normally. 

There are 2 reasons for this.
1.  Google favors news over other content, and live videos are treated like news.
2.  YouTube is fighting with Facebook to see who will be the leader in live video, and because of that, you benefit!

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Optimize YouTube Videos Like A Pro

Optimize YouTube Videos

Youtube video marketing - Optimize YouTube Videos

YouTube SEO Strategies Made Simple! . . .

Everything You Need To Optimize YouTube Videos Like A Pro Every Time In One Tool!

Scores Your Video Optimization With 35 Built In YouTube SEO Factors

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Just a few of the features in this new software:

  • New IFTTT SEO Strategy Syndication Strategy Tool
  • Viral Video Social Share Tool To Post To Facebook & Other Sites With Optional Social Lock
  • Edit YouTube Cards & Annotations (We Will Try To Mass  Edit These)
  • Upgrading The Snippet Tool
  • Character Number Countdown As You Type: For Title (70 Characters), Description (5000) & Tags (500)
  • New YouTube Playlist Strategy Tool

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