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October 24, 2015


Typhoon G GoPro 4k Drone

by oakhead112

Typhoon G GoPro drone showing examples of two of its very popular high-tech pre-programmed flying modes.

The Typhoon G GoPro is naturally made for those who already own a GoPro Hero camera. the aerial photography in this video was done with my GoPro Hero4 Black edition and is in 4K quality. If your computer or TV can display 4k, be sure to change the settings of the video to 4K to get the best viewing results.Typhoon G

The Typhoon series of UAVs has been popular with hobby enthusiasts because of its consumer-friendly appearance and easy-to-fly features. Drones have made dramatic appearances at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA for several years. On July 23, 2014 Fox Broadcasting Company is reported using several Phantom 2 Vision+ quadcopters to promote its show during the San Diego Comic-Con International . A new community of drone enthusiasts called SkyPixel has recently been created as a means to connect and support drone users.

Typhoon G transmitter

Around the world, drones are being the subject of regulations for safety reasons. For example, a number of incidents such as a DJI Phantom that crash-landed at the White House, has prompted authorities in the USA (FAA),the UK (Civil Aviation Authority) and the The European Aviation Safety Agency to ban them in some strategic locations (ex. airports) or regulate their use and require that commercial operators hold a permit. However, the FAA has granted regulatory exemptions for the operations of UAVs for film production in Hollywood, aerial surveillance, construction site monitoring, crop scouting in agriculture and photography production in real estate.

Yuneec ST10+ transmitter

Yuneec ST10+ transmitter


Typhoon q500 G - GoPro Drone

Typhoon q500 G – GoPro Drone

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Typhoon G GoPro


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  1. Dec 24 2015

    Hey I recently got a Phantom 3 drone and I’ve started to upload my drone videos to YouTube but I need help, if you like drone videos please subscribe! I’m going to a huge amazing state park next week and I’m going to get amazing footage!?

  2. Dec 24 2015

    Nice work, beautiful video.
    Thanks for share.?

  3. Very Nice! Please! Let me ask you: how may I use some seconds of these shots on a motivational video? thanks!?

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