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October 16, 2015

Typhoon G Pre purchase Review 3 Important Differences

by oakhead112

Typhoon G Pre purchase Review

3 Important differences you should know about the Typhoon G

The Yuneec q500 G – the ‘G’ stands for Gopro. This is made to install your own Gopro camera.

Even at the current price of $899 this Typhoon G has some major differences when compared to the other Yuneec q500 Typhoon models that are sold with Yuneec’s own cameras.

Typhoon G Pre purchase Review

#1. Does NOT come with a case.
#2. Only comes with one battery.
#3. Both the camera and video functions cannot be operated through the transmitter. Yes, you have to turn on your go pro camera prior to take off and shut it off after takeoff by pressing the buttons on the go Pro itself.

Although some of you may be thinking that you can use go Pro’s own Wi-Fi to turn these functions on when it’s flying the manual specifically says not to do this because the go Pro Wi-Fi signal could interfere with the operation of the Yuneec Typhoon q500 G.

Typhoon G - Typhoon G Pre purchase Review
For anyone who already owns a Gopro camera, this new Typhoon G even with these drawbacks, is still the best choice for getting into very stable aerial photography.

Although the commercial use of drones is still in a legal gray area, several segments of industry are open to its usage and already seeing many benefits. Among their many applications, the most well known are drone journalism, hurricane hunting, 3-D mapping of landscape, nature protection, farming, and search and rescue. Drones are being used in entertainment as well as in business. The Fox Broadcasting Company used quadcopters to promote the show 24 during the San Diego Comic-Con International 2014.

*** Until the FAA issues final regulations on drone usage, the commercial use of them is in question. So, it’s best to just use them just for your personal hobby interests. We are NOT offering any aerial photography services at this time.

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Typhoon G Pre purchase Review

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  1. Oct 16 2015

    So do you think Yuneec will add the in-flight operation of the Gopro camera?

  2. Oct 16 2015

    Thanks for the insights.

  3. Oct 16 2015

    THANKS for the video!

  4. Good to know. I’ve been considering a drone for high-end properties.

  5. Why did you buy the Typhoon vs the DJI Phantom?

  6. Oct 17 2015

    Is it ok to just use for my own PR & not video homes for sale?

  7. Oct 17 2015

    When do you think the FAA will ok real estate home videos?

  8. oakhead112
    Oct 17 2015

    From what I’ve been reading it looks like it could be in the next couple of months.

  9. oakhead112
    Oct 17 2015

    good question! Not being a lawyer I really can’t say. Supposedly, you’re not supposed to use them for commercial use…. Just for hobby and recreational use. So, with that said if you’re just doing your own PR or PR for your real estate office—-I’m not sure. Probably best to run this by the CA our attorney answer line. But from my own experience not only with the CA our attorneys but with any attorney they’re probably going to lean way on the conservative side and just tell you all wait until things are finalize so you can be sure.

  10. oakhead112
    Oct 17 2015

    I had three other drones before this and two of them were DJI Phantom’s. So I can tell you from personal experience, the DJI service really sucks. In a few cases it took me a week or more to even get an e-mail reply from them and then the reply was very vague and not specific to the question at hand. Plus, from other DJI owners I heard that sending it back for service,, you are lucky to get it back in under two months.

    But, Yuneec seems to be way ahead of DJI on technology. The software functions of watch me mode, and smart circle mode were also reasons that I decided to go for this over another DJI. Now, I know the DJI is working on these features but the Typhoon already has them!
    Although I haven’t used it yet, I believe the Smart Circle mode would be terrific for filming homes. you stand at the front of the home set the height and distance you want to drone to be at and then it will fly around the house while still keeping the camera focused on you. So, this is a great way to get a 360° view just of the home without having to be a sophisticated pilot. Now, the DJI Inspire as an option for two controllers so one person is flying the drone and the other one is working the camera position. But the Inspire is way over $3000 and you still need to people to accomplish the same task.

    Lastly, I already owned a GoPro Hero4 Black …. this is a really good camera that shoots in 4K resolution. I have a lot of the go Pro accessories and use it when I’m writing on my motorcycle and also with my two Airedale’s. So, it really didn’t pay to pay more money to get a proprietary camera that was not as sophisticated as my current GoPro.

  11. oakhead112
    Oct 17 2015

    Even though the government says their real estate use is considered a commercial use and cannot be done without a permit from them, things will be changing very soon and if you get one now can get the practice and operating skill so you’re ready to go as soon as things improve.

  12. oakhead112
    Oct 17 2015

    you’re welcome

  13. oakhead112
    Oct 17 2015

    thank you for watching!

  14. oakhead112
    Oct 17 2015

    Yuneec seems to be ahead of the DJI as far as drone technology goes, so, if it’s possible to include these features I’m pretty confident that they will. Upgrading the software is very easy to do through your computer.

    Keep in mind, that your flight time is around 20 or 25 min. and getting aerial shots of a home, if it’s planned out ahead of time, we’ll just take a fraction of that. So, to turn the camera on prior to launch is no big deal and same for shutting it off when you land. Yes, 5 min. or so to do the aerial video is more than sufficient and both the drone and the GoPro will be ready for a second flight we can put the GoPro to take photos at every 30 seconds or so, take off get all your photos, again another 5 min. or so and Landon shut it off.

    If thought out carefully there’s no reason why you can’t get video and photos of two homes easily on one battery charge of the Phantom and the GoPro!

  15. Dec 24 2015

    What do you think about the new FAA rules for drones?

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