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October 23, 2015

Typhoon q500 G – GoPro Drone Set Up Tips

by oakhead112

Typhoon q500 G – GoPro Drone

this video shows important tips that will save you a lot of frustration and time when setting up the Yuneec Typhoon G Gopro drone for the first time. This new aerial photography drone is set up for installing your own GoPro camera.

By purchasing this Typhoon q500 G – GoPro Drone not only do you save money because you don’t have to buy a drone that has a proprietary camera and it, but it adds functionality to your already existing GoPro Hero camera.

If you have the go Pro hero for black edition you will now have the capability to do aerial photography in 4K at 30 frames per second!

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 G

Typhoon q500 G – GoPro Drone

This is my third video in a series about this Typhoon q500 G – GoPro Drone, if you haven’t seen the other two they are posted here on this blog. Coming next, will be a video showing what the video footage looks like flying a strong as well as some of the advanced high-tech features that are incorporated here.

Typhoon q500 G - GoPro Drone

I’ve owned three drones to date, and this one, the Typhoon q500 G – GoPro Drone is by far the easiest one to fly and also has the most high-tech features for the money. For real estate use, this has a great feature called watch me, where if you were standing at the front entrance to a home and had the drone position that say about 80 feet away from you at about 50 feet high, you can have it make a perfect circle around the home while keeping you in the center of the frame. This makes for a perfect aerial overview of the property without having to worry about always repositioning the camera as the drone circles the property. Yes, this is all done for you through the high-tech software and GPS positioning systems Incorporated in this drone!

Yuneec is a major manufacturer of drones and they have their service center located in Los Angeles. From all the drone manufacturers that I’ve dealt with, Yuneec as the best technical service department I have ever dealt with.

Yuneec ST 10+ transmitter

If you don’t have your own go Pro camera, I would suggest you look at the Yuneec q500 Typhoon 4k model. As far as price and security when purchasing I would definitely recommend you use the Amazon link below:


Typhoon q500 G – GoPro Drone

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