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December 21, 2010

WordPress Blog Automatic Bookmarking Tool

by oakhead112

Auto Social Poster Plugin for WordPress Blogs

Auto Social Poster is a great time-saving automatic bookmarking tool. Auto SocialPoster can automatically bookmark blog posts from your WordPress blog to thirty-four social bookmarking sites.

As you can imagine, If you are making an effort to bookmark every blog article that you write, AutoSocialPoster can trim hours of tedious bookmarking work from your day. That’s time you can spend on more productive activities.

Who Needs Automatic Bookmarks?

Once you have made the leap to a WordPress blog, you understand the need to develop links back to your blog: Links Increase Traffic to Your Blog and Give Your Blog Authority! So:

1. Bookmarking creates backlinks;

2. Backlinks help you get recognized by search engines, thereby generating traffic;

3. You need traffic to make money;

4. Therefore, bookmarking can have a big impact on the amount of money that you make.

The problem with bookmarking every post is that it takes a lot of time, because you really need to bookmark it on a lot of sites to increase the attention your site gets from search engines. It’s a very boring and time-consuming for just one blog, and if you have more than one blog the chore of bookmarking can take time away from other link building (commenting on blogs, forum posting) and building new blogs, hubs, or other sites.

For full details, just click on the image of the Auto Social poster box.

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