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WordPress Videos With Private Label Rights

In case you didn't know, a lot of smart marketers are cashing in on
the WordPress trend by selling "screen capture" video tutorials. No
doubt, it's great if you can spend all your time and money creating
and updating these videos, but there's a smarter way – get Private
Label videos!

But there's one serious problem with PLR videos – most of the
people selling them are peddling absolute junk, hoping to make a
quick buck before the videos themselves become obsolete!

The truth is, WordPress or blogging videos can become obsolete VERY
quickly. If you're buying outdated stuff, there's absolutely no
chance you can sell them without having a group of angry customers
banging at your door, demanding for a refund.

But there are some great places to get high-quality PLR videos,
such as the the one by my buddy Gobala Krishnan:

wordpress video package

Gobala has been quietly making a small fortune with his WordPress
products and blogging tutorials, and he pretty much kept all the
good stuff to himself. But now, you can get PLR rights to his
private video collection, which means that you can:

1) Create a brand new standalone product and sell it
2) Create a product with Resell Rights / Master Resell Rights
3) Create your own monthly recurring membership site
4) Start your own seminar or coaching program
5) Create viral videos and profit from affiliate programs

Plus, there are several levels of membership so you only pay for
what you need.

I strongly recommend that you take a look at Gobala's "PLR WP
Videos" site now:

wordpress video package

Here's how you will benefit from this:

1) You get more than 30 WordPress video tutorials instantly
2) You get new videos every month, based on your request
3) Free updates of existing videos, so there's no danger of selling
obsolete stuff
4) Multiple video formats, even the source Camtasia Studio files!

I really don't have to say much for you to see the value in this,
especially if you're already trying to create your own WordPress /
blogging videos. For a low price, you can solve all your problems
and get the best value for money.

Memberships are limited because good sites like this should not be
made available to too many people. So create your membership now
and throughout this year you'll be laughing your the way to the bank.

wordpress video package

You can thank me later!



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Website Hosting Special


I wanted to call your attention to something that I thought
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HostGator is running a KILLER GREEN special of

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Their basic account is just  $4.95 per month!

** I have been hosting with HostGator for over two years now
** and I am very happy with the quality of service I've
** gotten. I have a reseller account.  I've seen various
** complaints that people have posted, and all I can say
** is that most of these can be attributed to the nature
** of shared hosting in general, as well as the need these
** guys have to hire support staff who only have limited
** technical skills.

Hosting is a critical part of most online businesses, and
I personally find the value of their 24/7 service I get from HostGator
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They have 99.9% Uptime – UNLIMITED Disk Space – UNLIMITED Bandwidth!

** this GREEN special applies to ALL their offers **

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