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Youtube Video Ranking

Youtube Video Ranking

Smart White Hat Video SEO Makes Black Hat Obsolete

There’s been a lot of video software coming out lately.

Video creation apps, hosting platforms, ranking software you name it.

But my friend Clive ignores most of them and simply follows his successful formula for ranking videos on page one for leads and profits and, when he comes across proven tactics that help do that, he releases a product so we can follow his lead.

Discover how to create powerful back links to your videos or websites using the power of Google Properties  This is the GOOD STUFF! Smart backlinking for 2017 & Beyond!

==> Check out Clive’s Bam Bam Backlinks

This is truly cutting edge stuff using the power of over 15 Google Properties to create High Authority backlinks to your YouTube videos (or websites) Read more


WordPress Content Ranker

WordPress Content Ranker Software

GET Optimized Content for ANY keyword in ANY Niche

seo software WordPress Content RankerWp Content Ranker is a WordPress plugin that will help you Boost Targeted Traffic, Increase Engagement and Improve Rankings!

Click here to see a video of it in action Read more


Royalty-free music collection

MUSIC … The Driving Power behind All Blockbuster Movies

blogging software - Royalty-free music collectionThe top movie-makers in Hollywood know exactly how important music is to the finished product …

Sometimes the influence of the music is stronger than the dialog …

Just the difference in the mood of the audience reacting to the music can be the difference between success and failure.

If you’ve seen any of my products, you know that I make extensive use of background music in my videos.

Take a look at the videos on THIS PAGE

The first video is a compilation of various tracks included in THE MASSIF COLLECTION

Further down the page you can see more examples of videos where I’ve used tracks from The Massif Collection … I’m certain you’ll have already seen several of these videos in the past. Read more


Video Traffic SEO Software

Video Traffic SEO Software

video marketing Video Traffic SEO SoftwareThis powerful custom Video Traffic Sniper software takes a 3 hour (miserable job) and knocks it down to a 10 minute hands-off computer automated job and allows you to… Rank For Short-tail Keywords!

Cliff Carrigan has been using a ninja video marketing tactic for the past couple of years that allows him to attain targeted traffic volume from short tail keywords without actually doing any of the work or spending any of the money that my competitors do. In fact, I’m going to tell you exactly how I do it

So don’t view this page as a sales page. Instead, view it as high-end training that you get for free. Yes, I have something to sell you, but aside from that, you’re still getting this training for free, and myself as well as a few other astute video marketers are taking full advantage of this method that results in massive ultra targeted traffic flow from videos.

With this software almost anyone can get high quality targeted traffic at the push of a button, no more spending hours gathering all the info that you need if you try to tackle this complex job on your own.

Below is interesting video data from a Wyzowl survey: Read more


Video Conversion Equal Leads

Video conversion – Turn any video into a conversion machine

Top of Search Engines video conversionAn awesome new software has just been released that will turn any video (even ones you don’t own) into a sales machine in literally a few minutes

It’s called VidEntice and it enables you to place any call to action right inside of any video…

Even ones you don’t own…

Check out the amazing demo here

When you have this software you can take any Youtube, Vimeo or Daily Motion video and add your clickable call to actions right inside the video and put them on your blog, websites, eCom stores or even directly to your Facebook Fan Pages Read more


Want To Rank Your Local Business

SEO – Rank Your Local Business

Facebook Social Marketing Software - Rank Your Local BusinessIf your local business website is stuck on page 3 or more of Google and the other search engines then you NEED to see this brand new video training course and seo software called Local SEO Ninja!

So what is Local SEO Ninja?

Local SEO Ninja is the Complete Local SEO Video Training, Top Resources and 62 Software Tools for Ranking Local Business Websites.

39 Videos, Over 5 Hours Of Training + Software + Bonus Videos!
PLUS Tons of additional resources!


Local SEO Ninja video training will help your understand how to build local business sites and what is required to rank a local business site and implement best practices, strategies, techniques and proven methods to rank a local business website on the first page of Google.

Local SEO Ninja covers both on page and off page seo and no previous SEO knowledge or experience is required.
Learn the entire local SEO process from start to finish.

In 2017 with all the search engine changes it is even more important to have a blueprint in place that you can follow to build and rank local business sites, Local SEO Ninja will guide you and help you to achieve this.


Local SEO Ninja Covers The Following Topics: Read more