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February 7, 2016

How To Rank Youtube Videos Super Fast!

by oakhead112

Rank Youtube Videos

video marketing Rank Youtube Videos

Live Stream Genius is the most powerful
video ranking system I’ve ever seen and
it is so FAST. Rank Youtube Videos – Imagine having  8 videos, all ranking on the first page from less than 30 minutes of work!

Rank Youtube Videos – Q&A

Question: I don’t understand this? Can you

explain how this all works?

Answer:  Sure! Live Stream Genius uses

live events” to rank high in Google. Let’s

explain that in more detail…

It is possible for anyone to create a “live

event” through YouTube.  This basically

means you are broadcasting something

live, and it goes into YouTube.

Google LOVES these live events, and

gives them priority in the search engines.

What ive Stream Genius does is create and

run these events FOR you.  Basically you

take any video you want (such as some of

the one’s you got from me), upload it into

Live Stream Genius, and hit “launch”.

This product has nothing to do with actually

having live events.  It just uses that system

to take advantage of the crazy results this


Question: What videos can I post?

Answer: Easy!  Anything 🙂  You probably

already own several pre-made business


Question: How Long Does It Take To

Post One Video?

Answer: After you go through the brief

training, you will be able to have your

first video posted in less than 30 minutes.

Now that I know how to do it, I can get

a video up in about five minutes 🙂  I can

make similar videos in about a minute!

Question: Does Live Stream Genius violate

any of YouTube/Google’s terms of service?

Answer: Absolutely not!  Live Stream

Genius works alongside YouTube.  In fact, YouTube

encourages 3rd party streaming devices.

No need to worry at all.

Question: Does Live Stream Genius come

with training on how to SEO videos?

Answer: Boy does it ever!  Michael and Frank are

incredible with ranking videos, and they share all

of their secrets inside the members area.

There are some crazy and powerful ideas in there!

==> Click Here To See REAL Results And

Grab Live Stream Genius

Have a great day!





Rank Youtube Videos

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