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September 9, 2016

Live Rank Sniper

by oakhead112

It’s Called Live Rank Sniper!

live rank sniper

There were had 150+ Beta testers testing this baby, and they loved it..

See it in action here [Video -CLICK HERE]
During beta testing, I started a competition in the beta group asking for the best Tag line.

Here’s some of the entries about our new software.

Tell Google where they can stick it!”
“Put page 1 in your crosshairs”
“Bag big game in the Google Zoo”
“Greed is Good. Rank is Bank”

You Want It .. Live Rank Sniper Hunts It

Rank & Bank Just Got Stank

Rankings used to be safe … not any more

To Rank and Bank, Live Snipe to Survive.
To Rank and Bank, Survive via Live Snipe.
Snipe to Survive and then Rank and Bank.

Live Rank Sniper) Video Ranking Made Easy

Live Rank Sniper) Point Click and Rank

Bullseye Google Rankings

Video Ranking on Steroids

Page 1 Video Rankings, Any Time

Automated Bulk Page One Video Rankings

That’s about 1/3 of them..
This is a “New Strategy” that’s working like a doozy!!

Check out the Video here.. CLICK HERE

Honestly if you have a website, or clients.

You need to grab this, you’ll find so many First Page Results.. plus this is never ending..
starting to get it? This is really valuable.

Ok I’ll shut up now..
Make sure you watch this video, so you can see I’m not talking about my beehind 🙂



Live Rank Sniper!





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