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November 1, 2015


San Diego Typhoon Drone

by oakhead112

San Diego Typhoon Drone ‘Watch Me’ feature.

The new Wizard controller is actually smaller than a TV remote control. This new controller allows the Typhoon drone to track its location. What this means, is that once you set the Typhoon drone up at a certain height and distance from you, as you’re moving the drone will also move and keep its approximate distance from you so that you are always in the video.

Typhoon Wizard controllerThis Wizard controller is an optional feature on the Yuneec Typhoon drone line, but, is the ultimate accessory for action sports photography. Now, the tiny Wizard does have some limitations not only in height and distance that it can control the drone, but also the speed at which it can track you. Currently, with the latest firmware update, I believe the top speed is now approximately 22 miles an hour.

Typhoon firmware update

Yuneec Typhoon G

Here in San Diego, I would think that the combination of the Typhoon drone and the small wizard controller ( which does come with a water resistant armband) would be very popular with the surfing crowd. Naturally, with the flying time of approximately 20 to 25 min., this would definitely limit its use for surfing photography.

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  1. Dec 24 2015

    Amazing work, a pleasure to watch. Thanks for sharing?

  2. Dec 24 2015


  3. Dec 24 2015

    I’ve been looking for specific drone flight videos. Yours comes close.

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