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June 19, 2008


SEO – 1000 backlinks from just ONE Article Submission

by oakhead112

How to get up to and over 1000 backlinks from just ONE Article Submission

 Increase your web site's search engine ranking!

article submitter


This isa brand new Desktop application that is very simple to use and can submit, not just one, but as many articles at one time. To the top 20 article

directories on the Internet. So he had to choose these wisely. I understand he based his analysis on this criteria.

Quality of articles in the directories.

Presence in Google.

GooglePage Rank

Quality of backlinks.

Other Secret factors.

After using this software, its easier to add my articles than to Ezinearticles, which is obviously included in his list of Article Directories to submit to.

So you enter your article data, just once and click on start, and off it goes, submitting your articles to all the article directories listed in the Software, what's great is, you can see it happen live right in the software. Check out the above video.

Plus, you get 2 amazing reports with this product.

1 Report comes when you test the software for just $1. You should trial this product just to get this report. If your an Article Marketer its a must.

If you are an Article Marketer, or specialise in SEO. What can I say! After reading the Members Report. Man this information is AMAZING.

Your Online Business will grow and never be the same again. Irrespective of your experience.

Check out the above video to see it working live. Test drive this for $1.    CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

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