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WordPress Security Programs WON’T Protect You

WordPress Security

Wordpress SecurityDid you know that the 5 best security plugins not
only FAILED to protect your site against a basic
exploit but were also harboring exploits themselves?

Until now NOTHING on the market was able to defend
against exploits … there’s just too many of them &
more released each day..

The problem is that most plugins & themes are not
written by security experts.. This is a huge issue
for WordPress users, and hackers know it. In fact
92% of hacker attacks today are attributable to
exploits! Read more


Biggest WordPress security RISK ever…

WordPress security software

WordPress security software

If you think your WordPress sites are safe… think again…
watch this WP Site get HACKED IN SECONDS…
Specialists in IT/security found that
6 TOP Security plugins were TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE against exploits…
Worse still some of the best security plugins were hiding dangerous exploits:
“Most  WP plugins are written by amateurs without any defensive coding skills”… said the vendors
THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM as 92% of WP sites are hacked this way…

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