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December 23, 2016


WordPress Security Programs WON’T Protect You

by oakhead112

WordPress Security

Wordpress SecurityDid you know that the 5 best security plugins not
only FAILED to protect your site against a basic
exploit but were also harboring exploits themselves?

Until now NOTHING on the market was able to defend
against exploits … there’s just too many of them &
more released each day..

The problem is that most plugins & themes are not
written by security experts.. This is a huge issue
for WordPress users, and hackers know it. In fact
92% of hacker attacks today are attributable to

WordPress Security – HERES THE SOLUTION:

WP Site Guardian is a new generation security plugin
monitors the way visitors use your site – it detects
& blocks exploit execution attempts, so hackers
attempting exploits will be BOOTED, BLOCKED &
you’ll get notified instantly.

The product is only available for a couple of more
days, and the earlybird price is about to expire.

>>>Details – View the Video






WordPress Security




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  1. Dec 28 2016

    Yes, I would venture to say that probably way over 90% of the people who run WordPress sites don’t realize that they should be backing those sites up! In the last few years I’ve had two of my WordPress site hacked. I learned my lesson the first time and the second time had everything backed up.

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