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October 27, 2015

Typhoon Wizard drone Controller

by oakhead112

Typhoon Wizard by Yuneec

This is the new tiny Typhoon Wizard transmitter/controller for the Typhoon drones.

When you want to get your own action video shots, this new Typhoon Wizard by Yuneec replaces the standard transmitter with this tiny transmitter/controller that’s smaller than the average TV controller!

Not only is this a great addition to anybody who wants to use their Q500 Typhoon drone for action sports, but I believe it also shows that Yuneec has now surpassed DJI as the new innovator in consumer drone technology!

Typhoon Wizard

The most intuitive controls for your Typhoon Multicopters

Watch Me and Follow Me made easy.

Getting smooth professional footage flying has never been as easy as using The Typhoon Wizard in Watch Me mode. Set up the Typhoon’s position and automatically get amazing footage of your actions on the go, using a compact and intuitive device that you can wear anytime.

Typhoon Wizard controller

Your copilot in the sky

It’s never been this easy to get amazing aerial footage

Point to Fly Function

Full One-handed Flight Controls

Follow Me Mode

Watch Me Mode

Water Resistant,

Follows you as you climb

New Height tracking feature

The Wizard extends the “Follow Me” and “Watch Me” features from a 2 dimensional to a 3 dimensional flight path. This significant update allows the user to accomplish extreme close and accurate filming even when climbing or skiing down a slope.

Get Hollywood camera tracking footage with only the help of this compact 7? GPS remote controller.

Water resistant

Don’t let the elements stop you from capturing amazing moments. The Typhoon Wizard is water resistant and can be used in any environment, even in humid conditions.

Typhoon Wizard transmitter

Whether you are surfing or kayaking place the Typhoon Wizard in it’s included protective carrying waterproof bag, and bring your personal flying camera to the next level.

Interested in the Typhoon Wizard or my recommended consumer drones – CLICK ON THE GRAPHIC below:



Typhoon Wizard

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